A - J

A Face To Die For - Jan Warburton

A La Bulgaro- Alexandar Tomov

Angel War - Philip Dodd

All Hallow's Eve - C.L.Foster

And All shall be well - E.M.Phillips

A Song of Their Own - Joy Bound

A Wistful Eye - D.J.Kelly

Back to the Elevator - Pol McShane

Ben Chambers and the Fisherman's Catch- Isabelle Cottard

Ben Chambers and the Reckless Rival - Isabelle Cottard

Beyond the Island - Karenne Griffin

Bird in a Gilded Cage - Susan Griffin 

Blue Moon - Pol McShane

Bluffing Devil - C.L.Foster

Bus Pass Holiday- Karenne Griffin

Cancer A 9 Year Struggle -

Carla - Mark Barry

Cold Revenge - E.M. Sinclair

Connor - Dormaine G

Cuckoo Clock - Elisabeth Marrion

Dark Realm - E.M.Sinclair

Dead Men Lie - David T Procter

Destinies - Karleene Morrow

Destiny of Angels - Wendy Steel

Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal -

Marta Moran Bishop

Divorcees.Biz - Eileen Thornton

Don't Touch - Elise vanCise

Drogoya - E.M.Sinclai

Far From Home - Joy Bound

Fiction Writing - Karleene Morrow

Forbidden Wings - M.C.Arvanitis

Future Gone - Alexandar Tomov

Gang Loyalty- Peter St John

Gang Rivalry - Peter St John

Gang Territory - Peter St John

Gang Warfare - Peter St John

Half - Elise VanCise

Hank of Twin Rivers-Journey of Change - M C Arvanitis

Hollywood Shakedown - Mark Barry

History and Mystery - Kirsty Ferry 

In a Milk and Honeyed Land-

Richard Abbott

Inanimate Objects - Pol McShane

In Ruth's Memory - Kim Scott

In the Dark - Elise VanCise

Inspired2Prosper- Ahlumba Harris

Joanna - Jan Warburton

Journey to Freedom - K. Meador

K - S 

Keeping Mum - Jo-Anne Southern

Kid Atomic - Mark Barry

Knight of the Dixie Wilds - K Meador

Like Casablnca  -Sylvia Massara

Liverpool Connection -Elisabeth Marrion

Loch Island - Ginny Vere Nicoll

Luthor - Pol McShane

Martin - Andrew Weaver

Matthew's Daughter - E.M.Phillips

Mein Tanz mit Rommel - Elisabeth Marrion

Memoirs of the Dammed-Yasir Hayat

Motley Wings - Galina Granovky

Murder in Merry Old - David Lawrence

Nets of Gold - Jo-Anne Southern

New Voices in the Valley 

 Karenne Griffin

Nobody Ever Listened To Me

David Maidment

On Grace's Shoulders - Kim Scott

Only Twelve Days - Eileen Thornton


   K. Meader

Perilous Shadows - E.M.Sinclair

Pink Sky & Mourning - Kim Scott

Plaster Scene - Michael J Holley

Playing with the Bad Boys

Sylvia Massara

Princess Alexia and the Dragon -

K-Trina Meador

Reality Bites - C.L.Foster

Recovered - Harper Donohoe

Return to the Falcon Field - 


Riding A Tiger - Helen J. Beal

Refuge - Kirsty Ferry

Regarding Ruth - Kim Scott

Running with Crows - D.J.Kelly

Sarcophagus - Tom Bryson

Sebastian - Christian Fischer

Second Sight - Alec Hyde

Serpenteens - Pol McShane

Ships of Haunts - Ellie Stevenson

Soul Bonds - E. M Sinclair

Survivors - E.M.Sinclair

 T - Z

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark, The Brimstone Forest -

Ngaire Elder

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark,The Mystical Mountains of Terra - Ngaire Elder

The Battle For Brisingamen-

Harmony Kent

The Between Times - Marta Moran Bishop

The Black Eagle - Christian Fischer

The Briton and The Dane

Mary Ann Bernal

The Briton and The Dane, Birthright - Mary Ann Barnal

The Briton and The Dane, Concordia - Mary Ann Bernal

The Briton an The Dane, Legacy -

Mary Ann Bernal

The Child Madonna - David Maidment

The Christmas Number One -

Michael J Holley

The Coldest Night of the Year -

Ginny Vere Nicoll

The Emperor's Women

Jo-Anne Southern

The First Marie - and the Queen of Scots - Linda Root

The Great Coporate Escape -

Michael J Holly

The Green Woman - Linda Root

The Grey Mardi Gras Murders -

Sylvia Massara

The Helm - Harry Sedon

The Illustrated Woman - Mark Barry

The Last Day The Sun Shone -

Harper Donohoe

The Last Knight and the Queen of Scots - Linda Root

The Legend of ELPanda Paws -


The Luck of the Weissensteiners

Christian Fischer

The Magic Elevator - Pol McShane

The Memory of Snow - Kirsty Ferry

The Midwife's Secret - Linda Root

The Night I Danced With Rommel -

Elisabeth Marrion

The Other Boyfriend-Sylvia Massara

The Other Daughter - Linda Root

The Other Railway Children -

David Maidment

The Rise of the Son - Pol McShane

The Ritual - Mark Barry

The Secret - Jan Warburton

The Smile - Ginny Vere Nicoll -

The Soul Bearers - Sylvia Massara

Their Journey Begins - K.Meador

Thirty Seconds Before Midnight -

Helen J.Beal

Time To Let Go - Christian Fischer

Timeline - Mary Ann Bernal

Tingle - Elise VanCise

Too Smart to Die - Tom Bryson

Transcendence - K.Meador

 Ultra Violence - Mark Barry

Under the Olives - Ginny Vere Nicoll

Vagrants - E.M.Sinclair

Walking Shadows

Jo-Anne Southern

Watching Charlotte Bronte Die -

Ellie Stevenson

Willowtree - Mike Bove

Wrath of Angels - Wendy Steele

Yesterday's Shadows -

Jo-Anne Southern