Elisabeth Marrion was born August 1948, in Hildesheim Germany. Her father was a  Corporal in the Royal Air Force and stationed after the War in the British occupied zone in Germany, where he met her mother Hilde, a War Widow.

As a child she enjoyed reading novels and plays by Oscar Wilde, Thornton Wilder and never lost her love of reading novels by Ernest Hemingway, or short stories by Guy de Maupassant.

In 1969 she moved to England where she met her husband David. Together they established a clothing importing company.  Their business gave them the opportunity to travel and work in the Sub Continent and the Far East. A large part of their working life was spent in Bangladesh, where they helped to establish a school in the rural part of the Country, training young people in trades such as sign writing, electrical work and repair of computers and televisions. For inspiration she puts on her running shoes for a long coastal run near the New Forest, where they now live.

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