Richard Abbott writes historical fiction set in the Middle East at the end of the Bronze Age, around 1200BC.

His first book, In a Milk and Honeyed Land, explores events in the Egyptian province of Canaan. It follows the life, loves, and struggles of a priest in the small hill town of 

Kephrath.  A follow-up novel entitled Scenes from a Life begins in Egypt. It follows the journey of a scribe as he travels to discover his origins. down the Nile from Luxor 

and  finally into Canaan.Author readings from both In a Milk and Honeyed Land and Scenes from a Life are available on line as YouTube videos.The short story The Man

in the Cistern is set in the same location but around ten years later.For more information visit his website 

M.C.Arvantis, was born in Nebraska. She is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers. Her occupation as a Primary school teacher gives her insight into the stories children like to read. Now retired, she writes full time, bringing to the Primary school readers books she calls  fables. She brings mythical creatures such as fairies, elves,mermaids, pixies and other strange beings to her stories. To find out more about M.C.Arvantis go to her website

Books: Forbidden Wings- A mermaid's story, The Legend of ElPanda Paws, Hank of Twin Rivers - Journey of Change

 Mark Barry, author of Hollywood shakedown, Ultra Violence and Carla, is a Psychologist and writer, whose main interest focuses on relationships between people. He has been interviewed on several Radio talk shows where he has given readings of his work. His work has been featured in The Sun and Daily Mail and he has also been interviewed on Television. For more information about Mark Barry, please visit

Books: Carla, Hollywood Shakedown, The Ritual, Ultra Violence 

Helen J Beal, was born in York  in the north of England. She has a degree in English Literature and  Language from London University and a professional background in Information Technology sales, specializing in creating and growing start-up businesses. She is the author of three novels, Thirty seconds Before Midnight, Rich in Small Things and Riding a Tiger, plus a collection of short stories, Half a Dozen Star Jumps. She is currently working on her fourth novel. For more information about Helen J Beal, please visit her Amazon Author Page

Books: Riding a Tiger, Thirty Seconds Before Midnight

 Mary Ann Bernal ,  author of The Briton and the Dane novels , is an avid history buff Whose area of interest Focuses on Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain During the Viking Age. While pursuing a degree in business administration, she managed to fit into her creative writing classes busy schedule. Mary Ann has appeared on local TV and've Also Been a featured author on various Radio shows, including The Writers Showcase .. For more information about The Mary Ann go to her website 

Books: The Briton and the Dane , The Briton and the Dane: Birthright , The Briton and the Dane: Legacy, The Briton and the Dane: Concordia, The Briton and the Dane: Timeline

 Marta Moran Bishop is the Author of Wee Three: A Child's World, que is Wee: Three: A Mother's Love in Verse, with a new cover and publisher, Innocence and Wonder, A Poet's Journey: Emotions, A Poet's Journey: Sunlight and Shadows , Between The Times, a social cautionary tale . Marta comes from three generations of female writers and her latest release is Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal. S I lives in Massachusetts with her ​​husband, cats and horses. They help her find inspiration and joy in each day. For more information visit her website acerca Marta

Books: Between The Times , DINKY : The Nurse More's Foal

  Bound Joy says: Originally I come from the north of England, moving from Yorkshire to Lancashire as a child. I came southwards when i was 17 and got a degree in Modern Languages. Immediately After This I started to Pursue my interest in social work, and trained in Ipswich from 1972 -. Then I 74 

worked in London as a probation  officer for a while, before returning to Suffolk. I've had a long career as a social worker and social care manager, but am now retired. I ' 

have got one son, Leif, who lives a  bit too far away for me to visit as Often as I'd like. Especially I was not interested in history until I Realised how much women 's stories 

REMAIN Largely untold, Both locally and  Internationally. Joy To know more about please visit her website:

Books: Far From Home , A Song of their Own

Mike Bove, grew up in Vermont. I wrote articles and drew cartoons for his college newspaper. Mike was as actor and manager Involved in High school, College and Community theater. I have adapted a Russian folk tale the Nosebag , for the stage, produced and directed it. He is a public school teacher, track and soccer coach. He moved to Cape Cod where I Became a avid fisherman and golfer. His first book Willowtree  was  published in 2011 For more information about The Mike visit his website

Books: Willowtree

 Tom Bryson says:  I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland, in the historic city of Derry - Londonderry aptly coined 'Stroke City'. 'So - where do you come from, Tom?' I hear you ask. now live in the West Midlands of England in the attractive village of Kinver and write novels. Developing an e-book/pod publishing venture is proving quite a challenge and eats into my writing time. Only myself to blame For That though .. My published novels are crime thrillers 'TOO SMART TO DIE' and 'SARCOPHAGUS' in e-book and print format on Amazon and I have similarly published an illustrated short story 'ZEPPELIN THE EDGE OF KINVER'. My latest novel is nearing completion - once again featuring Birmingham based DCI Matt Proctor - Whose murder Investigations take him into the deadly world of sport's spot-fixing gambling syndicates. (Provisional title 'IN IT FOR THE MONEY')  In the past, my short stories published in anthologies Have Been With Some Radio broadcasts and one-act plays directed and performed professionally in West Midlands theater / arts venue. For more information about The Tom visit his website

Books: Too Smart to Die , Scarcophagus

Tom Cooney Jr., BA'72, Temple University, a veteran of the USAF, served 23 years on the Philadelphia PD Achieving executive rank

 In  1984, while a captain, I started a part-time business providing police and security services to Organizations. In 1993 I retired from the PPD to devote full-time to his

 business. While conducting seminars in 1999, I met his future wife, Irene, a Philadelphia police officer. When she was Diagnosed with 4 th stage cancer in 2003, I have 

Decided to fully withdraw to devote his time to support and care for Irene through her dreadful illness. For more information about The Tom visit his website

Books: Cancer A 9 Year Struggle

 Isabelle  Cottards , was born in Hampshire. She has had a successful Career in teaching, ranging from secondary education to university level.  Isabelle Cottards is currently teaching part time in an independent school in Hampshire, where she Teaches English and is in charge of the senior library. Her first novel Ben Chambers and the Fisherman's Catch was published in 2010 and the sequel Ben Chambers and the Reckless Rival,  was published in 2011. The wonderful locations on the shores of The Solent Have Been the inspiration for her books. She lives with her family on the Hampshire coast on the edge of the New Forest.

Books: Ben Chambers and the Fisherman's Catch, Ben Chambers and the Reckless Rival 

 Philip Dodd says:  I was born in 1952 in Liverpool, England, have a degree in English literature from Newcastle University, and I have

 Been writing songs, stories and poems since I was twelve. War Angel is my first published novel. thirty four I was when i first Began to write it in 1986 and I was sixty

 When I completed the final version of it in September, 2012. As it took me twenty six years to write, I felt I Owed it to my story to get it published. poems I have had

 published in the Local newspapers and two of my poems, 'Enki' and 'Searching For The Sangreal' will be published in This Year of 2013 The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry 

magazine, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing. When it is completed, I hope to publish one day my light hearted science fiction story for older children and adults 

called   '. Turkle Klubbe the Golden Star and the Coracle '  Some of my prose and verse can be read on my website: Author Philip Dodd Angel of War: / PHILIPDODD

Books: War Angel

Harper Donohoe,  says: - "some people say, That you dream at night When it is your brain having to sort out mine When I was 47 went for a huge spring clean I had a dream about a story That I was Compelled to .. write. I was coming out of a strange time, having had a number of bereavements. Reflecting on That story now I can see That many elements of my 47 years Were coming together to create something new. I continue with my writing. To find our more about Harper visit

Books: The Last Day the Sun Shone, Recovered

 Ngaire Elderwas born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Most of her childhood she played outside with her brothers and her imaginary friends. After college and university Ngaire Elder embarked on a career in the health and safety sector. Today Ngaire and her family, including many animals, lives in Spain .For more information about Ngaira Elder, visit her website

Books:The Adventures of Cecilia Spark - the Brimstone Forest, The Adventure of Cecilia Spark - the Mystical Mountains of Terra

Penny Ellis,- was a science teacher for thirty five years but always spent spare time writing and has devoted retirement to

 writing educational materials and fiction. Painted Ladies is her first crime thriller featuring Jasmine Frame, a transsexual private detective and is set in 

West Berkshire. There are more Jasmine Frame novels on their way.  Penny is herself transgendered and is also known as Peter. Penny also writes SF 

and fantasy and is hoping to publish a fantasy novel called Evil Above The Stars. to find out more  please visit the blog

Books: Painted Ladies

 Kirsty Ferry, is from the North of England. She won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing Competition in 2009 and has since been published in a number of anthologies. Kirsty Ferry has also had articles and short stories appear in publications as diverse as Ghost Voices, It's Fate, People's Friend and the Weekly News. She has published two paranormal YA fiction books, both based in Northumberland. She is now working on her third novel. For more information about Kirsty Ferry , visit her website

Books:The Memory of Snow, History and Mystery, Refuge

Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother

. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies

 and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he is still resident today. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ was published in 

November 2012; 'Sebastian' in May 2013; 'The Black Eagle Inn' in October 2013.

He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.For more information please visit his website

C.L. Foster, was born in Florida. She has lived all over the world but has now settled in Pennsylvania,for the time being. She has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don't want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body, so it is never found! For more information about C.L. Foster visit

 Dormaine G, says .After years of playing adult, I realized I will never grow up. So last year,I took some time off to live the dream of writing. My first book,Connor, was published this October which is book 1 of the series. I will continue to write fiction book while working on my other 

dream which is to fly a spaceship. For more information about Dormaine visit her website

Books: Connor

 Galina Granovsky,was born in Russia and currently  lives in the Ukraine. She is married with two adult children. Her daughter and Grand-children reside in England..In addition to being an English teacher Galina works as an librarian and translator,  nurturing  her love of writing stories for adults and children .At present Galina is translating her books into English.  Motley Wings is her first translated book.

Books: Motley Wings

Karenne Griffinwas born in Australia and currently lives in Wales. Beyond the Island is her first published novel. Karenne is planning to publish her second novel later this year. She also writes short stories and some of them you can find at Apart from writing and reading, she enjoys walking and jogging .For  more information about Karenne go to her website:, or facebook and twitter @ KarenneG

Books: Beyond the Island, New Voices in the Valley, Bus Pass Holiday

 Susan Griffin lives in a small East Sussex town with her husband Shaun. Her talent for prose was discovered when at school her long descriptive essays won her high praise sparking her passion for writing. She says "Creating the characters then watching as they come alive on the page as the story

 progresses, is a truly magical part of the writing process." Susan's first novel 'Bird in a Gilded Cage' is set in Edwardian Britain during the Suffragette era, a pivotal time for

 women. She is presently writing her second novel. To read more about Susan, please visit her website

Books: Bird in a Gilded Cage 

 Ahlumba Harris,says:, I am crazy, serious, uptight, fun, emotional, sensitive, controlling, outspoken, a crier, nurture, a child of God. Most importantly, I am a mother to a beautiful daughter. Some of my interest are inspirational books, success stories, an occasional historical romance  I can not possible leave out my absolute obsession with great action packed block busters and I love to travel. For more information about Ahlumba visit her website

Books: Inspired2Prosper

Yasir Hayat says: From an early age I developed a strange affinity for poetry after hearing Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem 'The Raven'. Immediately I tried writing my own, I was fascinated by words in rhyme and their meaning. My mind was set ablaze by ideas and thoughts, unfortunately I wasn't able to annunciate or project those ideas and thoughts in a manner synonymous with poetry. My love for the craft kept me writing along with the countless praises I got off friends who read my work As my studies progressed into college the desire to write took a different form. I began writing short stories in times of inactivity to pass the time. My poetry had become better but not to the point where I could be featured in a magazine or make any publicity from it. I continued writing poetry and expanding to stories. Once my studies progressed to university my writings had developed a mind of their own.For more information about Yasir go to amazon

Books: Memoirs of the Dammed

 Michael J Holley, writes comedy fiction. He is the author of The Great Coporate Escape and The Christmas Number One. He was born in Southampton. He spent some time in Liverpool and Manchester but now lives in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, with his wife and children. Having been the taller half of the rhythm section for the indie-rock band Aura4, Michael still enjoys listening to proper music and tinkering around with his guitars. He loves watching and playing football, watching comedy and reading things that are either going to enrich his life or make him laugh. His next novel Plaster Scene, will be out in the summer of 2013. For more information about Michael visit his website  

Books: The Great Coporate Escape, The Christmas Number One, Plaster Scene

Alec Hyde grew up in rural Worcestershire .After studying Ancient History & Latin at Edinburgh University, Alec went on to

 work for the Civil Service in London.  For much of his twenty-year career, Alec was involved in the crime, security and intelligence fields. 2007 saw Alec

 relocate to the Scottish Highlands, to enjoy a better work-life balance.  When he isn't writing, Alec enjoys playing guitar, drums and keyboards; trying –

with varying degrees of success– to emulate his favourite rock bands.  So far, Alec has avoided any attempt at singing. Second Sight is the opening novel of 

Alec's supernatural thriller trilogy, The False Light Conspiracy.  Book two, First Vision, is currently in preparation. For more information visit 

his website

Books: Second Sight

  D.J Kelly, was born in Manchester. She worked and played in 20+ countries across 4 continents during a long career in government service. Her longest stay being in Pakistan and Portugal. D.J Kelly has recently taken early retirement and now lives in Buckinghampshire. Her first novel, A Wistful Eye- The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright was published in 2012. Running with Crows is her second novel. For more information about D.J Kelly visit her website

Books: Running with Crows, A Wistful Eye - The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright

Harmony Kent, (born  2013) , the author that is. The woman herself, a little before that. Harmony lives in Kent, but says is is most likely a illegal alien from the Northers Hinterland, perfecting her English language skills.. The Battle For Brisingamen is her first book and has been approved by Awesome Indies. Her second book The Glade is already in progress. To find out more about Harmony visit her blog

Books: The Battle For Brisingamen

                                                                 David Lawrence's love affair with Europe began when he wrote and produced the TV Movie Tourist. Lawrence's credits as Writer/Producer include, Consenting Adult, The Fashion Awards,  That's Hollywood,  M.A.S.H,  Ken Follett's Key to Rebecca,  Helen Keller, The Miracle continues,  Voyage of Terror, TV The fabulous 50's, Search for tomorrow, Vendetta. David Lawrence is Past President of the TV Academy. For more about David Lawrence, visit his website

Books: Murder in Merry Old


 David Maidment, was a British Rail senior manager for 36 years, retiring as Head of Safety Policy in 1996. As a result of an encounter with a street child on a Mumbai railway station, whilst undertaking railway safety consultancy, he founded the Railway Children's charity in 1995, was Co-Chair of the Consortium for Street Children (1998-2008) and is currently Chair of Amnesty International UK's Children's Human Rights Network. He has published two non-fiction books on street children, two novels looking at traditional biblical stories from historical and human rights perspective and a novel using his railway experience as background. All profits and royalties are donated to the Railway Children Charity.For more information about David Maidment visit his website 

Books: The Child Madonna, The Other Railway Children, Nobody Ever Listened To Me

 Elisabeth Marrion was born August 1948, in Hildesheim Germany. Her father was a  Corporal in the Royal Air Force and stationed after the War in the British occupied zone in Germany, where he met her mother Hilde, a War Widow. As a child she enjoyed reading novels and plays by Oscar Wilde, Thornton Wilder and never lost her love of reading novels by Ernest Hemingway, or short stories by Guy de Maupassant. In 1969 she moved to England where she met her husband David. Together they established a clothing importing company.  Their business gave them the opportunity to travel and work in the Sub Continent and the Far East. A large part of their working life was spent in Bangladesh, where they helped to establish a school in the rural part of the Country, training young people in trades such as sign writing, electrical work and repair of computers and televisions. For inspiration she puts on her running shoes for a long coastal run near the New Forest, where they now live.

Books: The Night I Danced with Rommel, Mein Tanz mi Rommel, Liverpool Connection

       Sylvia Massara, is a multi-genre novelist based in Sydney, Australia, who dabbles in wacky love affairs, drama and murder over coffee. She has been writing since her early teens and her work consists of screenplays and novels.In the romance genre she has a soft spot for female protagonists over 40, in drama she writes touching novels exploring issues of child abuse, repressed sexuality, AIDS and Gay rights. In her recent contemporary mystery series her protagonist is an older, spunky female of 48 years. For more information about Sylvia visit  her website

Books: Playing with the Bad Boys, Like Casablanca, The Other Boyfriend, The Soul Bearers

K. Meador, was born in Florida and raised in Texas since she was four years old. Growing up in Texas and being raised on a seventy acre farm gave her a appreciation for country life. She enjoys hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, photography and aviation. Her first novel 

Journey to Freedom was published in April 2012. Followed by Their Journey Begins and Transcendence. Her most recent publication is  The Night of Dixie Wilds. For more information about K.Meader visit her website

Books: Journey to Freedom, Their Journey Begins, Knight of the Dixie Wilds, Transcendence, On top of the Rainbow, Princess Alexia and the Dragon

Karleene Morrow, grew up in an ethnic family and is a descendant of the German colonists whose history was the inspiration for her historical fiction novel, Destinies. Karleene Morrow holds a B.S. Honors, Sociology and M.S. Educational Psychology. Karleene lives at the beach in Pacific Northwest with her Pomeranian dogs, some of them champions. For more information about Karleene Morrow, please visit her website

Books: Destinies, Fiction Writing

Eve Phillips, was born in London. Her father was a Naval Lieutenant and her mother was working for the War office. She lived through the hardship and danger of WWII, serving as a teenager in the Girl's Training Corps.Eve Phillips worked for the Natural History Museum, sold toys in Harrods, trained and  worked as a hospital play therapist, been a National Children's home housemother to a dozen teenagers. Eve Phillips also acted at the Edinburgh Festival and owned her own bookshop. She has written for local radio and takes part in  weekly writers groups. For more information about Eve Phillips visit her website

Books: Return To The Falcon Field, And All Shall Be Well, Matthew's Daughter

David T Procter., lives in the South of England, a place he knows well. where his family has lived since the early 1600 Century. David started his working life being a plumper. When one of his customers commented, that his estimate reads like a book and he should be a writer not a plumber, David did just that. Dead Men Lie, is his first book.  For more information about David please visit his website

Books: Dead Men Lie

 Linda Root was born in Cleveland. Linda says : I Yahoo map my old house on Hillsboro Road. Grandfather's ghost would be delighted that the property now adjoins Endora Park. He was a gardener for the city. Growing up as the only protestant kid in a Catholic neighborhood in Cleveland prepared me for almost anything. Professionally, I loved being a trial lawyer, I loved prosecuting major crimes, and I loved relating to juries. I cried for the victims and I still do. On the day I retired I knew what I wanted to do and I am doing it!. For more information about Linda please visit her blog  

BOOKS : The First Marie -and the Queen of Scots, The Last Knight and the Queen of Scots,  The Midwife's Secret,

The Other Daughter, The Green Woman

                                                Pol McShane, was born in New York. At the ripe age of ten he wrote his first short story, Murder Mountain, and has been hooked ever since. Pol loved drama and music at school and won best actor for his portrayal of Jesus in Godspell. His acting bug is still there but it is writing that has the tightest hold of his heart. He now lives in Autin Texas with his husband and their golden retriever Buster. For more information about Pol visit his website

Books: Luthor, Blue Moon, The Rise of the Son, Inanimate Objects, Serpenteens, The Magic Elevator, Back to the Elevator

 Harry Seddon,  was born in East Lancashire and now lives in Cumbria in the shadow of Cross fell. Harry has over 40 Articles published in a national magazine. His passion for writing and story telling is evident in his work, as is his imagination. The Helm is his first novel. For more information about Harry Seddon visit his website thehelmnovel

Books: The Helm

Kim Scott was born in South Carolina and grew up in Scarborough, Maine. She currently lives near the coast of Maine.Ms. Scott is the author of the Ruth Chernock Series (Regarding Ruth, In Ruth's Memory, On Grace's Shoulders, and Pink Sky & Mourning)and 'What Happened to Alex Manning?'Her next book, 'Shuttering the Manning House' is the sequel to 'What Happened to Alex Manning?'. This book is due out in December.In spring 2014, look for 'A Solitary Grave in the Maine Woods' and 'Forgive Me Mattie'.For more information about Kim, visit her website

Books: Regarding Ruth, In Ruth's Memory, On Grace's Shoulders, Pink Sky & Mourning


 E.M.Sinclair, always had the feeling the feeling that dragons are real.She always regarded the stories of monstrous fierce Dragons as being completely wrong and detested stories of St George and his dragon killing tendencies. Her Grandfather gave her a copy of  Kenneth Grahame's The Reluctant Dragon, which made complete sense to her. For more information about E.M.Sinclair please visit Smashwords-About E.M.Sinclair

Books: Soul Bonds - Circle of Light 1, Vagrants - Circle of Light 2, Drogoya - Circle of Light 3, Survivors - Circle of Light 4, Dark Realm - Circle of Light 5, Perilous Shadows - Circle of Light 6, Cold Revenge

Jo-Anne Southern,began to write after retiring from a thriving career as an entertainer. An accomplished pianist and  guitarist she become well known in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal when she worked for the Skyline Hotel chain as both, the Pearly Queen and Diamond Lil. Her novels meld historical accuracy with absorbing characters, which engage the reader from the beginning to the end. For more information about Jo-Anne Southern visit her website

Books: Yesterday's Shadows, Walking Shadows, Keeping Mum, Nets of Gold, The Emperors Women

  Wendy Steele lives on a hillside in Wales. She can see the mountains from a place on her land where one day, she'll build a straw bale writing room. She worked in the City, BC (Before Children) but since 1999 has indulged her creative side, training in natural therapies, belly dance and writing. Publication of dance articles led to writing courses, and summer school, producing her first novel 'Destiny of Angels - First book in the Lilith Trilogy.' In 2012 she published her first non-fiction title ' Wendy Woo's Year - A Pocketful of Smiles', as well as two short story anthologies and an erotic accompaniment to the Lilith Trilogy 'Too Hot for Angels'. Wendy lives with her partner, Mike, and four cats and spends her days renovating her house, clearing her land and, when time and weather allows, sitting on her riverbank, breathing in the beauty of nature. For more information about Wendy visit her website

Books: Destiny of Angels, Wrath of Angels


Peter St John's career began shortly after the Second World War, as a military pilot. He then became a Chartered
Engineer working in aerospace research.This took him to Woomera in the Australian desert, to four years' residence in Paris and to the European

Space Centre in French Guiana. He has also worked in a project management team for the Royal Australian Navy. When the Australian Senate

restructured its committee system, the author was appointed Secretary to the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Science and the Environment. Eight

years later he joined the staff of the Australian Science and Technology Advisory Council reporting to the Prime Minister. He became interested in the work

of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, based in Geneva. The Union, established in 1889, works to foster peace through parliamentary action throughout the
world. The author was responsible, for managing the library and supervising the Union's regular publications. As a writer, he has prepared numerous

technical papers and reports including a two-volume reference compendium on the parliaments of the world. He has written seven novels. He now lives in

France where, from retirement he is president of a cultural association. He has a son, two grandsons, a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter. 
For more information about Peter please visit his website

                                                  Ellie Stevenson, is a former careers adviser, who writes articles on history, travel, careers and the arts. Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story, is her first novel. It is a complex, sometimes controversial story about Titanic and child migration, set in 1912 ,2012 and the Australian outback of the 1940's. She has also written a collection of short stories, Watching Charlotte Bronte Die. She is currently working on her next novel, fuelled by optimism and coffee. For more information about Ellie Stevenson go to

Books: Ships of Haunts, Watching Charlotte Bronte Die

Eileen Thornton, started writing after a comprehensive writing course with the writers bureau in 2001. Her articles and short stories have been published in a variety of magazines in the UK. Her debut novel The Trojan Project, an action thriller, was published at the end of May 2008 while her latest novel, Divorcees.Biz was published in November 2012. Eileen is a member of the Society of Authors, the society of Women Writer's, Journalists and the Edinburgh Writers Club. For more information about Eileen Thornton visit her website or her blog 

Books: Divorcees.Biz, Only Twelve Days

 Alexander Tomov Jr. was born on June 3, 1982 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is freelance writer and film director who is looking for realization abroad. His work consists of short stories and short films. The author creates non standard points of view toward the world and the human existence. Some of his stories are hypotheses for the development of society and civilization and for the evolution of human nature in far future. For more information about Alexandar, please go to

Books: Future Gone, A La Bulgaro

 Elise VanCise, award winning author has been published in both print and digital media. Elise is a Florida Cracker, with a

 love for adventure and historic places. NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison for Lake County, Florida, Founder of Lake Writers of Lake County, Florida, Member

 of EPIC Public Relations Team, Charter member of Authors in the Park, Marketing for Romance Writers, Coffee Time Romance & More Brew Crew, She

 Writes. Advocate for young writers, public libraries, Autism and COPD. All that and she still likes to color. Fr more information about Elise visit her 


Books: Tingle, Don't Touch, Half, In the Dark

 Ginny Vere Nicoll, was educated in England. After leaving school she attended art-college. More recently she studied fine art at both. West Dean College and privately in Italy. She exhibited successfully, in the West End of London, before turning her hand to writing. Her first novel

The Smile, is based mostly in Italy. Her second novel Under The Olives, is set in Greece and her third novel The Coldest Night Of The Year, transports you to the snow laden Mountains of Switzerland. For more information about Ginny Vere Nicoll vist her website

Book: Under the Olives, The Smile, The Coldest Night of the YearLoch Island

Jan Warburton originally trained in fashion design, first working for the House of Worth in Mayfair, London in 1958. She then moved on to wholesale fashion. Marriage to an army officer took her to Germany for three years. Later, back in 

civilian life, they moved to Singapore:' another amazing experience', she says, as this has proved valuable 'grist' to her writing 'mill'.

After a painful divorce, she survived six years with two children as a one parent family - a tough period from which she has been able to

 draw in her fiction writing. She's had many jobs; indeed you name it Jan has had a go! Her last was sales rep for designer spectacle 

frame company, Oliver Goldsmith until redundancy finally allowed her to pursue her writing ambition. Jan has been happily married to Mark for thirty one years, and they live in a converted barn in rural Yorkshire. A FACE TO DIE FOR is her second published novel. THE SECRET is her first published published 2011. ONLY HUMAN, an autobiography she ghost wrote for black American soul singer/songwriter, Tommy Hunt, for more information about Jan visit her blog

Books: The Secret, Joanna, A Face to Die For

Andrew Weaver has lived in many parts of the United Kingdom and is currently living in West Sussex. He enjoys many interests and hobbies, none more so than his love of classic cars although this does unfortunately involve destroying them in fires ( musical tastes are extremely eclectic, but nowhere near as diverse as his professional career…He has been in design & production in clothing, a Banker (that’s spelled with a B!) and is currently a self-employed Utility Consultant.After experiencing a succession of extraordinary events he was inspired to write his new book Martin.For more information about Andrew visit www.goodreads.comauthorandrew-weaver

Books: Martin